What Will the World Look Like in a Biden-Harris Administration?

The COVID-19 Pandemic

Melissa Hawkins, Director of AU’s Public Health Scholars Program

Race and Health Inequities

Jessica Owens-Young, Assistant Professor of Health Studies

The Arts

Ximena Varela, Director of American University’s Arts Management Program

The Economy

Gabriel Mathy, Assistant Professor of Economics


Distinguished Professor of Neuroscience Terry Davidson

Immigration Law and Enforcement

Ernesto Castañeda, Associate Professor of Sociology

The Environment

Stephen MacAvoy, Professor of Environmental Science


Distinguished Professor of History Alan Kraut

The Arab World

Martyn Oliver, Director of AU’s Arab World Studies Program

Military Policy

David Vine, Professor of Anthropology



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Ernesto Castañeda

Ernesto Castañeda

Ernesto Castañeda is the author of “A Place to Call Home” and “Building Walls.”