What could a Biden presidency mean for immigrants?

Roberto Schmidt/AFP via Getty Images
Border fence between Tijuana, Mexico and San Diego, California, USA. © Castañeda November, 2019.
Reinforced walls in Tijuana © Castañeda November, 2019.
Shelter in Tijuana housing recently deported people from the United States © Castañeda November, 2019.
Published under Creative Commons CC-BY-ND. You are free to republish this article in official media sites both online and in print as long as you do not edit the piece and ensure that you attribute the authors.
Two layers of reinforced walls seen from Tijuana © Castañeda November, 2019.



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Ernesto Castañeda

Ernesto Castañeda

Ernesto Castañeda is the author of “A Place to Call Home” and “Building Walls.”